Provide your clients with a better way to access their brand assets.

Design Awesome Interactive Online Brand Guidelines

Create responsive online brand identity guidelines with downloadable assets without writing any code in 10 minutes or less.

Join 200+ Brand Identity Designers including

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Logo presentation

Spend more time focusing on your design work, not designing online brand guidelines.

Download brand assets

Easily create custom stylish online brand identity guidelines that are responsive and can host downloadable brand assets.

Brand Identity Handoff

Provide your clients with a practical handoff solution where they only need to download the asset they need in the format they need.

Share Brand Guidelines

Forget about ever having to send clunky Zip files and simply share a URL link with your clients and make brand assets easily available to anyone.

See why designers love Bravemark.

Over 100 brand identity designers are currently using Bravemark to design brand guidelines and presentations.

Angela Roche
Angela Roche
Creative Director

Just added my first brand to Bravemark! I've been looking for the right brand management/guidelines platform for ages and my search is over! Loving Bravemark ❤️

Dec 2, 2023
Zalo Estévez
Zalo Estévez
Logo & Visual Identity Designer

Incredible user experience! Super intuitive and aesthetic. The perfect tool to deliver brand guidelines in an easy and very comfortable way to the customer. 100% Recommended!

Sep 19, 2023
Adam Greasley
Adam Greasley
Brand and type designer

As a brand designer, being able to hand over an online brandpage to a client is super useful. Bravemark makes this process extremely quick and easy.

Dec 4, 2023
Andrei Traista
Andrei Traista
Brand Identity Designer

Glad I stumbled upon Bravemark on Twitter, never seen something similar. Even though the platform is just taking it's first stepts, it has huge potential and could become a really cool tool for brand identity designers

Apr 14, 2023
Anthon Johansson
Anthon Johansson
Graphic Designer

The team behind Bravemark genuinely care about their product and I believe that has helped them to create a really easy-to-use service. Whilst Bravemark is still in its early stages, the future is very promising and the speed a presentation can be completed is staggering compared to all the competition.

May 8, 2023
Karl McCarthy
Karl McCarthy
Brand Identity Designer

Really easy interface to navigate. I found myself quickly snapping modules together, getting into a quick rhythm building presentations. Overall I'm very impressed!

Dec 16, 2022
Bozidar Tanic
Bozidar Tanic
Brand Identity Designer

I've been using Bravemark for a week now and I'm happy with it. It's a great alternative to the best well-known platforms out there and it's perfect for what I need. It's hassle-free and easy to use, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Dec 11, 2022
Kyle Courtright
Kyle Courtright
Brand Identity Designer

Bravemark is changing the way identity designers present their work and I'm loving it. Modern, intuitive and robust. No doubt will continue to be a disrupter in the creative space. Well done!

Apr 14, 2023
Jordan Grimes
Jordan Grimes
Brand Identity Designer

Getting the chance to utilize Bravemark (beta) was a great experience. I was used to creating brand guidelines in InDesign manually so it was a breath of fresh air to essentially drag and drop a guidelines page.

Dec 11, 2022

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Step up your game and impress your clients with a modern brand identity handoff solution.

Bringing practicality to the brand identity design workflow. Read all about the features and benefits Bravemark provides to brand identity designers and their clients.

Example of logo presentation on different devices

Responsive Brand Presentations, at last.

Say goodbye to boring PDF brand guidelines and create responsive online brand guidelines that is perfectly optimized for any device.

Example of presentation modules

Make your clients life easier with interactive presentations.

Add notes to individual assets with valuable information. Select individual brand assets and only download the necessary files that you need. Copy color #hex values easily from the presentation and make your presentation an actionable asset, and not just something to look through.

Example of presentation builder

Customizable No-Code Presentation Builder.

Easily design your custom online branding presentation or brand guidelines with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. No need to have any coding knowledge, just drag the modules and customize them to your liking.

Example of assets modules

Access all your brand assets from a single page.

Easily upload and organize brand assets, like logos and images, by just dropping them in the presentation sections, and make it easy for your clients to select what they want to downloadable. Assets can be downloaded individually per file format or in one global zip file.

Example of sharing your branding

Hand off your work by simply sharing a URL.

Once your #brandpage is complete, you can easily invite your client to the project by sending them a URL link to the presentation. If any updates need to be made, simply make the changes and update it without the hassle of exporting PDFs, sending emails or files.

Example of showcasing your brand identity

Showcase your brand identity work and get discovered by others.

Expand your professional circle by exhibiting your brand identity design projects and gain recognition from fellow designers. Keep up with the latest design trends and follow esteemed designers.

Take a look at some of our examples.

See live examples of how you could present your brand identity design work to clients using Bravemark and test out its functionality.

See what other brand designers are doing on Bravemark and find inspiration for your next project.

Discover live brandpages

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